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'Sinead McNally' to come firing back

'Live Loud Music' was primarily started around two artists a little over 5 years ago. One being 'Frantic Jack' and the other 'Sinead McNally'. While Frantic Jack are on still on an hiatus we're delighted to announce that 'Sinead' will be entering the studio towards the end of the year to bring some new music to life.

With a great track record she had taken a small break from the original tracks but has been busy writing and recording for other acts and companies where she has been crafting her skill as a songwriter.

That being said, she still has some unfinished business when it comes to showing the public what she's capable of as both a songwriter and a live performer. Her live shows are as captivating as they are energetic as she's proven to be able to not only entertain an audience with her music but also brings a lot of crowd friendly banter into her set.

Make sure to check her out on twitter and facebook to keep up to date with all happenings.

Check out one of her previous videos below for 'The Green Eyed Monster'

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