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'My Silent Night'

NALLY, who previously released her music under ‘Sinead McNally’ returns to the music

scene after a three year break to deliver the first of a number of new singles being released

over the next year. ‘My Silent Night’, is a somewhat ironic take on the the traditional ‘Silent

Night’ as we know it, which also sticks to the traditional three verse structure it was

originally written in. Nally says that she wanted to write a song about not being able to

sleep because of the many different anxieties that affect us from feeling stressed or

depressed to worrying about our identities. We all have fears and I wanted to use the

security of such a peaceful song to highlight how overwhelming some of those fears


‘My Silent Night’ is a bold statement from Nally as she moves very much a way from the

‘poppy’ vibe of music that she had released up until now. Speaking about this change to a

much darker, less conventional style of writing she says “It took me a few years to figure

out what music I wanted to create as opposed to what music might work on the radio. I

have been very lucky that all my earlier releases got a lot of airplay but I always felt that the

songs were a little too safe and happy go lucky. I didn't bring any rules into the studio this

time, I threw out the need to have a big chorus and a bridge etc and just went with what I

heard in my head and what I wanted to create for me. If someone else likes it, that's a


Having had her work included in so many different types of projects over the years, she said

it “got confusing, dabbling in so many genres” and has decided that the rebrand to NALLY

gives her an opportunity to clearly define herself as an artist. “Sinead McNally will continue

to write to brief across many genres but NALLY is my contribution as an original, solo artist.”

Release Date November 4th on all leading digital stores.

Listen now on Soundcloud

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