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Frantic Jack Catalogue

Check out both studio albums from 'Frantic Jack' which have now been updated to include more stores online, including Deezer, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more available worldwide.


The debut album from 'Frantic Jack' which was released in 2010 included 3 No. top 40 singles in the Irish charts.

'Firefly' No.23

'Free' No. 20

'Hold on' No.9

The album also contained a number of tracks which featured on their debut EP simply titled 'Frantic Jack'. All recorded with Martin Quinn in JAM studios, Kells, Co.Meath and was a groundbreaker for the band and cemented a relationship with Martin Quinn which would see them return to record their second album 'Last One To Leave'.

'Last One To Leave'

'Last One To Leave' brought about what was a more exciting album to record. The band had developed somewhat in both studio and live and with that brought about a more mature album.

'Living Proof' was one of the more stand out tracks, which also was the reason for the band being invited to play India on two different occasions.

Again having been recored with Martin Quinn the album broke new ground for the band and made them a much more commercial selling act.

Frantic Jack - Living Proof

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