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Artist Series Vol 1

The first compilation release from 'Live Loud Music' is now officially set for a release on Feb 24th. We can now confirm full track by track listing and what's to come in the year ahead.

Featuring . 'Frantic Jack' , 'Peco' , Sinead McNally' , 'Shane Hynes' , 'The New Social' , 'Nally' and 'Thermal And A Quarter'

Available on all good digital download/streaming stores

1. Peco - Harbour Master

The folk/rock/americana Singer/Songwriter has been gaining foothold on the Irish music scene over the last 12 months. Having released his debut single 'Safe Haven' last year, the momentum has been building to his debut EP release 'And So I Arrived At The Start'. This is the first track to feature publicly and is a taster of whats to come. Introducing the band on this one 'Peco' shows hints of 'Talking Heads' meets 'Bob Dylan' . Last year he gained considerable ground performing across both Ireland and the UK.

2. Sinead McNally - Let You Down

The pop piano playing stage performer that is 'Sinead McNally' has been an anchor within 'Live Loud Music' since its beginnings. Although reinventing herself with an alter ego that is 'Nally' she also has roots grounded as a pop writing machine and has recently taken to focusing her pop material on sync and licensing while performing as a more indie darker feel that is 'Nally'. 'Let You Down' is one of our personal favorites here and is as good as an example of what 'Sinead McNally' is best at.

3. The New Social - Look

One of the most promising young indie rock bands we've heard in awhile, catchy lyrics, upbeat tracks and a strong stage presence. 'The New Social' are made for mainstream radio. Their debut EP is coming later this year and we're excited to showcase the first of their studio recordings to be released. Their debut single is set for a release early this Spring.

4. Thermal And A Quarter - Willow Man

The Bangalore band have become long term friends of the label and are without doubt one of the best performing live bands out there. Mixed between rock/blues/funk and everything else thrown in for good measure, its no surprise they we're a featured artist on the cover of 'Rolling Stone' magazine. Having already toured the world over plans are in place to bring the band back to Ireland for a second time later this year. Not to be missed and what better way to show what they can do, but to feature them alongside some of our roster artists. Now recording their 8th studio album and previously released with Virgin records, their catalogue of songs would be up there with any contending band on the planet.

5. Shane Hynes - Somebody Somewhere

To describe 'Shane Hynes' in one category would be a travesty. His diverse range of songs spans from country to pop to rock and ballads, yet to release anything this will be the first focal point of what this young man has in store. An accomplished musician who plays multiple instruments, the songs he has in his catalogue are in no doubt going to open up a new world of music to a listening audience. His debut single and EP are coming early this summer and announcements for his first set of headline shows.

6. Frantic Jack - Find My Way

Although on an hiatus from live gigs at the moment we thought this was a fitting way to introduce a previously unreleased track from 'Frantic Jack'. The only time its been featured was on a timelapse video from renowned Dublin artist 'Barry Jazz Fiinegan' who used the track as a soundtrack and also as a soundtrack to movie short 'Any Last Words'. One of our biggest success stories so far having reached the top 40 official irish charts 3 times old fans and new will be glad to hear something new from the band.

7. Nally - Ship Street

As described already this is the alter ego of 'Sinead McNally'. Although her performances under her own name leads to a more pop orientated background, this is an exclusive release giving tastes of a more indie/darker feeling in her songwriting. No bounds in what she can write, 'Nally' is set to embark on a new project under said name and we cant wait to show you some new material over the coming year. She has already released one of her newest tracks 'My Silent Night' and this is the follow up which shows hints of 'Sinead O'Connor' in her delivery.

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